Ray Goldstein

I’m Ray and I’m hooked.... hooked on Pickleball that is. I started playing Pickleball about a year ago right after I stopped working full time...still don’t like to use the “R” word. I really didn’t know what I’d do with my time; that is until I showed up for Monday night Novice lessons. Now I have a reason to get going every morning, either at the REC Center or Cooke Park. RAPA has provided me with social, physical and learning opportunities, so when the call went out for board members, I had to raise my hand. Little did I suspect I would suddenly find myself President but here I am, following in the daunting footsteps of Joanne Rosener and Jan Czaplewski.  I hope to follow their example to help RAPA and Pickleball grow in Rochester.

Angie Tauscher

My Dad introduced me to Pickleball in 1990, unfortunately I was 16 and "too cool" to play what I thought was a dumb game with wooden (homemade) paddles.  When I turned 40 I became wiser, I tried it again.  Now I'm hooked and play almost daily.  Moral of this story-always listen to your parents.

Suzanne Bretto
Vice President
Mike Zenner

Jan Czaplewski, Membership Coordinator

Mike Salscheider, Sponsorships 

John Dockerty, Intro Lessons

Steve Andrews, Skill Development

Randy Esch, Webmaster

Jamie West, Grants

Joanne Rosenor, Court Acquisition


RAPA 2020-2021 Board

Rochester Pickleball

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