Board Meeting Tonight at Rec Center 5pm

Board Meeting Location Confirmed for Tonight 5-6 PM: Rec Center, Activity Room #2. All welcome to attend.


  • Minutes from last meeting- Barb

  • Treasurer’s Report- Pam

  • Membership Report- Mike/Pam

  • 2018-2019 Officers- All

  • Goal: Confirm officers remaining on board and positions to be filled. Plan for e-vote by end of month.

  • Bpp: Additional MAL with defined roles - sponsorship/donations, intro classes, clinics, beginners ladder, social gatherings (ex: Friday night couple play.)

  • Cooke Park- All

  • Review court usage processes to assure that courts are being utilized well and all players are satisfied with access to courts and play by skill level

  • Review how plan for Intro classes is going

  • Plan for maintaining shadow box contents

  • Court cracks: plan for follow-up

  • Bpp: Committee to start looking at 2018 indoor courts.

  • Look at towns ~15 miles out from Rochester that could have space for RAPA to rent.

  • Does Park and Rec know how much our courts are used; how little the town’s tennis courts are used? What are their plans to answer the demand for court time?

  • 2018 Summer Festival Event Plan- All

  • Partners Meeting

  • Agenda for next meeting and considerations for winter play

  • Bpp: John Sandry at Mankato would like to see a meeting of the minds for Southern MN pickleball groups with the goal of not scheduling on the same weekend clinic in one town, and a tournament in another. Create a southern MN calendar that can be checked to see what is already going on in the in area before scheduling an event.

  • Indoor net use at Rec Center: one net is in very bad condition. Nets are being used by 125 Live or anyone who rents the Rec Center for PB. Need to have a policy regarding net ownership/usage.

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